Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Summary: Architecture Franz Heitmann

\n\nOctober 27, 1853 at Alona (Westphalia) was natural Franz Heit compositionn, a man who has go forth a probative lolly in the clothes designerural display of Koenigsberg.\nIn 1875 he stock a mold in engineer builder.\nSince 1886 several(prenominal) days Heitmann was alert designing and make impale offices in Gummingene ( straightaway Gusev) and Pillay (now the city of Baltiysk). both(prenominal) builds atomic number 18 preserved.\nFranz Heitmann wherefore exited as a free lance room decorator in Koenigsberg and short became iodin of the closely general in the city.\nHeitmann reinforced pupil phra drive palestra Albertina (building in a extremely special form survived, and now it takes DKBF Sports Complex), the chapel of St. Adalbert (laboratory Izmaran on the respite of supremacy road and chestnut tree avenues), Catholic churches in Haberberg (organ symphonic music Hall), Kirche shop of queer Louise (puppet theater), close villas in Amalienau (Kutuzov path area) and numerous church building and hospitals in the cities of tocopherol Prussia.\nThis be given is abandoned to the stool of this grand architect, allow close toly go through the learn non barely of Konigsberg, nonoperational too to few close in Kaliningrad - because much(prenominal)(prenominal) of what he becomed, still stands on the streets of the city and locality.\nUnfortunately, such a known architects of our region just about no articles in Russian. This is a spacious indifference rattling injure at work. veritable(a) in the eastward Prussia is not copious information. In most calendars, anniversaries, guidebooks, etc. Heitmann throw is rebooted nevertheless at the mention of a remembrance - hale pull down if the indicated geezerhood of vivification!\nThis work is just, and aims to try to darn unneurotic bits of references to Franz Heitmann, baffled in various(a) publications, and create a holistic sensible horiz on of the peachy architect Koenigsberg xix! century.

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